Continuing our partnership with CatRock to help bring bikes to kids in the Bronx
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  • Eefc751cd2f9b03b1f570574b13e1087? nophoto

    Rhonda Donohue

    $103.00 / 2 days ago

    Thank you for changing lives one kid at a time. Love Rhonda and Morgan

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    Tom & Laura Karlin

    $103.00 / 5 days ago

    We know that adventuring & hiking in the wilderness has made a difference in our family's lives, with large thanks to your team member Kevin Spath. The October 17 Bike-A-Thon is occurring on Ida Karlin's birthday. We honor her memory -- and her joy in getting the family out to the ocean while the kids were growing up -- in our support of Keaton's Kids. Thank you, Cat, for this vision and for the opportunity to join Keaton's legacy!

  • 7f6029cb22368b909d7fb727ce565487? nophoto

    Susan Burdette

    $25.00 / 7 days ago

    Wish we could join you! ❤️

  • 408d50a852c211287fda680e16cbf08c? nophoto

    Lydia JA Langley

    $25.00 / 8 days ago

    Have a great time!

  • 63eae3765e1b06648b570c38cb57afd3? nophoto

    Lisa Zeitz

    $100.00 / 8 days ago

  • 8e645c48c0df06bc4aa52d5102a9f3a3? nophoto

    Kathleen Nowinski

    $50.00 / 8 days ago

  • E7ccc0623ca5021b4af3c80a557ea4a7? nophoto

    Karen Faccenda

    $50.00 / 9 days ago

    Wishing you a great day and much success!! Keep up the good work.

  • 45f45bd5a2f05b4a5a18c46a2fc041d3? nophoto

    Susan Ruhlin

    $25.75 / 15 days ago

  • B24642aadd7036532308a788d33afb61? nophoto

    Jeffrey Lewis

    $51.50 / 22 days ago

    Go Keaton's Kids - keep on bikin"

  • E2e80fff213763390aeaf5d2d07f658b? nophoto

    Curt Clausen

    $25.00 / 22 days ago

  • C3a8c4fd329a2b0cee84409aece2e01e? nophoto

    Sarah Cole

    $103.00 / 25 days ago

    A great physical activity and fun times, all while having a positive influence on your community... sounds like a winning combination!! Good luck! The Karlin-Cole family

  • 12605efcda21c9e31438f80666cc3fa4? nophoto

    Cam MacDonald

    $51.50 / 34 days ago

  • Afavb53t1hs%3d&expires=1665925946

    Kevin Spath

    $516.00 / 38 days ago

  • Hz3quzj9vla%3d&expires=1665925946

    Cat Guthrie

    $515.00 / 38 days ago

About Keaton's Kids

Keaton's Kids is a non-profit dedicated to taking underserved kids on transformative outdoor adventures. Keaton's Kids was instrumental in the initial funding and creation of this amazing biking program with CatRock. Help us keep it going through 2022 with your donation.